Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Huckabee In Nashville

Mike Huckabee visited Nashville yesterday holding a campaign rally at the airport before visiting Legislative Plaza. More from First Read:
As the Florida GOP race crescendos into tomorrow's primary, Mike Huckabee is in Music City hoping to drum up support for a strong showing on Super Tuesday. Former Fred Thompson territory, Tennessee could be fertile ground for the governor, who picked up the endorsement of the state's Right to Life group and met with legislators in Nashville today.

Florida, says the Southern son, ain't no thang.

"I don't think that tomorrow is the turning point in the road," Huckabee told reporters today. The Huckabee campaign has tried to downplay the Florida results, saying that focus on the Sunshine State is largely a creation of the media.

In Music City, where he will twang his own bass guitar later this afternoon, Huckabee has stayed away from the noisy feud playing out between John McCain and Mitt Romney in Florida. Asked if the back-and-forth between the two frontrunners helps or hurts him, Huckabee gave a typically mischevious response. " If it hurts them, tell them to mix up some more mud and get it going," he said. " If it hurts me, tell them to stop that nonsense and start behaving like adults today."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tennessee Right to Life Endorses Mike Huckabee

Excitement Among Grassroots, Unparalleled Record of Pro-Life Leadership Chief Factors in DecisionMike Huckabee Tennessee Right to Life announces today, Jan. 28, 2008, the group's endorsement of Governor Mike Huckabee for the February 5 Presidential primary. The strength of Governor Huckabee's public record on matters concerning the protection of human life and strong support among the organization's grassroots members were key to making the decision.

"The beauty of a grassroots organization is that your members set the priorities," said Brian Harris, president of the state's oldest and largest pro-life organization. "For pro-life Tennesseans, the election of a sincere, proven pro-life president is paramount," said Harris. "Our members recognize Mike Huckabee as 'one of us' and that enthusiasm is driven by his demonstrated record of leadership and sacrifice toward the shared cause of protecting life," said Harris.
In particular, Governor Huckabee's pro-life leadership as Lt. Governor and Governor in Arkansas resulted in the following protective polices:
  • Passage of the Arkansas Unborn Child Amendment
  • Ban of Partial Birth Abortion
  • Parental Notification for minor daughters seeking abortion
  • Informed Consent for Women considering abortion
  • Unborn Child Pain Awareness provision
  • Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Governor Huckabee also supports ethical stem cell research but opposes destructive embryonic stem cell research. He was the second governor in the country to sign into law a ban on Human Cloning.

"What I accomplished as Governor proves that there is a lot more that a pro-life President can do than wait for a Supreme Court vacancy, and I will do everything I can to promote a pro-life agenda and pass pro-life legislation," said Huckabee. " If I am saddled with a Democrat Congress, I'll veto any pro-abortion legislation they pass. I will staff all relevant positions with pro-life appointees. I will use the Bully Pulpit to change hearts and minds, to move this country from a culture of death to a culture of life.

Tennessee Right to Life urges concerned pro-life Tennesseans of every political background to actively support the election of a demonstrated pro-life leader who will make pro-life protections a priority. For more information, contact Tennessee Right to Life toll free 1-877 Choose Life or www.tnrtl.org.